Surrendering To The Unexpected

As a person, and a designer, I have enjoyed control. I have been a very intentional, controlling person that felt safe and comfortable within a set of parameters. Recently, I have been abandoning control and accepting the uncontrollable. The unexpected can make life and work interesting and exciting. The detachment of control has added new systems to my work, practice, and lifestyle. My research was influenced by Dada, Cage, Kandinsky, and Daniel Eatock.

My methodology of experimenting with unexpected results can be integrated within both analog and digital techniques. The blind element is designed as part of a larger system within my work. I am examining how surrendering control, with use of this variable, can help with experimentation and understanding of self. My thesis is designed for me to accept the imperfections and chaos of life.

By letting go of control, we gain new experiences and happy accidents. I want the viewer to be visually stimulated and accept the unexpected in design and thusly, within their being.
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