Emmaus Is

Web Development & Art Direction

We’ve all been in those little towns. How they have these little odds and ends that make them stand out from each other in a unique way. From the pastry shops, to the running shoe store, to the bike repair place that serves coffee — it’s the little businesses that give such towns their charm. The difference here in our quaint little abode, has been sorted, from A to Z. Read up on all that Emmaus has to offer!

Disclaimer: This is a super subjective site that is based on the opinions of ‘what’ and ‘where’ we like in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. We designed this site at Kutztown University, in the Communication Design Department with collaboration with local Chamber of Commerce. Colton Rogers wrote the witty copy for for our small-town site. Taylor Van Kooton vectored the graphics. Finally, full-time faculty Dannell MacIlwraith coded and art directed the interactive project.

This website was inspired by Keep Earthquakes Weird.