Email Design

Email DesignUnique email designs and coding for a variety of promotional books and magazines.

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Rodale’s General Store—Emmaus, PA

Rodale General StoreCurrently logo for Rodale’s General Store.

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Honest Life | Rodale Press

Honest LifePromotional site for Jessica Alba’s new book. When new mom Jessica Alba started to learn about all the toxic chemicals in our food supply, personal care products, mattresses, makeup, and more, she wanted to make healthier choices for herself and her family.

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Cook Yourself Sexy Book

Cook Yourself Sexy WebsiteCandice Kumai knows that nothing is sexier than rocking a gorgeous body and enjoying your food. And her new book, Cook Yourself Sexy.

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Lean Belly Prescription | Rodale Press

Lean Belly Prescription BookDesign for website created in Photoshop.

Heloise Helpful Hints | Rodale Press

Heloise Household TipsDesigned the ‘Handy Helpers’ page and programmed the Jquery slider.